Voices of the Frontline create animated video

Nurses, gardaí, a teacher, LUAS driver, farmer, emergency service personnel, community and search and rescue volunteers and school children all voiced a COVID-19 appeal using WhatsApp voice-notes which have been transformed into an animated video for the remaining period of the restrictions.

An emergency services blogger asked some of his friends who work on the frontline to record a VoiceNote sentence which reflects their role on the frontline in helping to prevent the spread of the virus, or the work they do in keeping supermarkets stocked or transporting essential workers.

The two-minute video also captures an appeal and vision by others who are self-isolating or having to work from home, of what can be achieved if we all stay the course, stay at home and observe the 2m social distance.

Voicenotes were recorded by people who work on the frontline or some who are having to cocoon or self-isolate, and its an appeal from them for people to stick with it for just a bit longer, to stay at home if necessary, keep social distancing and only make essential journeys.

Participants on the video work in the frontline services in counties Kildare, Carlow, Laois, Mayo, Limerick, Clare, Waterford and Dublin.

The video was produced by volunteer blogger Declan Keogh, editor and founder of EmergencyTimes.ie which is a website specific to the emergency, medical, search, rescue, voluntary and security services. In recognition of the extensive work undertaken by the new ‘frontliners’, he also built this website, thefrontline.ie which portrays all the great work which frontline workers have done and continue to do as part of COVID-19 operations.

Declan Keogh said “It’s great to see so much work being done by so many people of various backgrounds and professions, helping to prevent the spread of the virus and also going out of their way in many cases to help those most affected by the virus itself or the restrictions in place. It’s an appeal and a vision by those on the frontline and those who are affected by COVID-19, for everyone to continue with the measures in place and to let people see all the great work being done by so many people in the community. It’s the new frontline and essential services.”  

‘Voices of the Frontline’ audio

Video link on YouTube is available here: https://youtu.be/njHagIaBKqI