SARDA joined multi-agency search for missing person

Search and Rescue Dog Association was one of the voluntary agencies involved a search yesterday for missing a person in Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork.

SARDA were tasked by Cobh Gardaí to join the search.

Three volunteer search dog handlers responded with their search dogs. Local volunteers Louise Burgoyne and search dog Lyla, Eadoin O’Gorman with search dog Murphy and Michael Grant with search dog Ziggy.

Sadly, the missing person was located deceased, before 1pm by the search dog teams and Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery.

SARDA is a nationwide organisation which has two dog teams in the Midleton area. Other agencies involved in the search were An Garda Síochána, The Garda Dog unit, Guileen based Irish Coast Guard unit and Cork City Missing Persons Search and Recovery.

The Search and Rescue Dog Association has expressed its condolences to the family and friends of the missing person.

Tragic event should as this make us all realise the value and importance of having such a valuable and experienced voluntary on-call service which assists other agencies when called upon.

SARDA Ireland are an emergency search and rescue organisation concerned with the training, assessment and deployment of Air Scenting Search and Rescue Dogs and engage in searches for missing persons. The dog teams, which consist of the handler and their dog can be called out to any part of Ireland, and are most effective in the mountains, woodlands, rural and urban areas, waterways and seashore areas.

Photo: (Courtesy SARDA Ireland)

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