Man arrested following the attack on two essential service workers

Gardaí have arrested a man following the vicious attack on two essential service workers.

The unprovoked assault on two City Bin Co workers took place at Holywell Road, Donaghmede yesterday morning.

The incident which was captured on video and shared across social media platforms appears to shows the driver of a car mount a footpath and stop in the middle of the road blocking the truck before he approached the drivers door, opened the door and struck the driver a number of times.

The video then appears to show the attacker proceeding back to his car and engage with another worker outside a house, and following a verbal exchange, the attacker opened the boot of his car and took out what appeared to be an implement before approaching the second worker man and struck him across the head.

The bin lorry worker suffered a head injury and required a number of stitches.

Gardaí have made an arrest in relation to the incident and investigations are ongoing.

Refuse collectors are essential service workers and form part of the overall Frontline service, which during the Covid-19 lockdown, refuse and waste collectors all over Ireland continued to maintain their services during the lockdown.

n a statement yesterday, the City Bin Co said they were are aware of a video on social media of the assault. The statement read: ‘Earlier this morning, while providing an essential frontline service, two of our crew were subjected to an unprovoked attack by a member of the public – leading to a serious assault on one of our helpers. The gardaí reacted quickly and the attacker has been arrested.”

The City Bin Co said they are working closely with gardaí to bring the matter before the courts.

Refuse collectors are essential service workers and form part of the Frontline workers and any attack or assualt.

Photo via City Bin Co Facebook page, unrelated to scene of incident.