Lifeline Ambulance Service records busiest day so far during COVID-19

A Kildare based private ambulance service is providing a lifeline to Covid and non-Covid patients to HSE hospitals.

Lifeline Ambulance Service which regularly provide transport for hospital inpatients travelling from hospital to hospital for routine, scheduled and emergency tests and procedures has seen an increase in their demand this week as a result of the current COID-19 pandemic.

It’s Managing Director and CEO, David Hall said Thursday was it’s ‘busiest day by far’. “A significant amount of patients were transported with Covid. Staff stepping up to help” he said.

Lifeline Ambulance is providing cover for COVID and non-Covid patients for HSE hospitals at cost. The private ambulance service transported 19 Covid patients to hospitals on Thursday.

In addition to the service Lifeline provides, they also deal with Repatriations, Event Cover, Standby’s, Transplant team and Organ transport services.

Pic: @LifeLineIreland