Irish Troops Return to Ireland from Golan Heights and Syria deployments

122 Irish troops from the 60th Infantry Group, (UNDOF) returned to Dublin Airport this evening following a six month deployment to Syria.

This was the first rotation to transit through Damascus International Airport since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. Prior to returning home, the members of the 60th Infantry Group, United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNFOF) were in self isolation for the previous 14 days.

On arrival the Unit were subject to a medical screening, consisting of a temperature check and a symptom screening. Troops were then brought back to their home barracks on Military Transport. On Arrival troops must self-isolate for 14 days. They may avail of 3 transport options on return to their home barracks:

  • While strictly adhering to HSE restrictions troops can be collected by members of their family
  • Troops can be transported door to door by Military Transport.
  • Troops can avail of self-isolation accommodation provided by their home unit in Barracks.

Drawn from many different Units across the Army, Naval Service and Air Corps, the majority of the 60th Infantry Group’s personnel come from the 6th Infantry Battalion based in Custume Barracks, Athlone.

61 Inf Group Outbound from Dublin to Damascus – 126 personnel

60 Inf Group Inbound from Damascus to Dublin – 122 personnel

Their replacements, the 61st Infantry Group, have completed their deployment to Syria and joined their UNDOF colleagues in theatre. Prior to departure, and on arrival at Damascus Airport, the 61st Infantry Group underwent medical screenings of the same type as the returning 60th Infantry Group. On arrival in camp they will undergo a 14 day self isolation period. Operations during this period will be covered by Nepalese contingent.