Health & wellbeing is top agenda at Emergency Services Show

Health and wellbeing of staff and personnel within the emergency services is a major talking point at this year’s emergency service show in the UK.

The two-day Emergency Services Show began at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday. One of the programmes being delivered includes a Health & Wellbeing Theatre covering mental health conditions such as stress, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as the key employment issues such as equality and diversity.

The programme is designed to help HR professionals and management teams build and retain a resilient workforce, the line-up includes case studies of successful initiatives, details of the latest research, and information about the practical and emotional support available to those who serve in the emergency services and allied organisations.

The emergency services show brings together all disciplines from the emergency services sector to discover innovative technologies and operational solutions, share their experiences and unite in their collaborative approach to public safety.

(Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times)

New technology on display at the event will include connected vehicles that serve as mobile communications hubs, satellite communications, ruggedised mobile computers tablets and phones, data, cloud storage, wearable tech, connectivity, UAVs or drones, hybrid and electric vehicles, body-worn cameras and other video capture systems.

Other technological innovations include the latest in protective fabrics, medical equipment, fire fighting and rescue tools and equipment. Just as important are the enabling ICT applications being showcased, including control room systems, data management, mobile apps for emergency service and public use and the multiple technologies now being used to speed and aid collaboration throughout the emergency services.

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