Gardaí host international Operation ATLAS

An Garda Síochána hosted a workshop over the past three days at locations in Dublin and at the Irish Defence Forces Training Camp, Gormanston, Co. Meath, involving specialist intervention units from Police Services across the European Union.

The exercise was coordinated by the Garda Emergency Response Unit and focused on counter terrorism training scenarios in relation to transport hubs in preparation for the forthcoming 2020 European Championships.

An Garda Síochána are committed to working with our colleagues and this is one of a number of  training exercises on an international level through the ATLAS network which have been coordinated throughout the year.

A Garda spokesperson said, ‘The Emergency Response Unit are a member of the ‘ATLAS’ working group and work closely with our colleagues in Europe in relation to training exercises and exchanges of information.   The Atlas Network is aimed at ‘increasing the safety of all European citizens’ which is in line with An Garda Síochána’s mission in ‘Keeping people safe.’  This relationship is growing and the workshop in Ireland over the last number of days demonstrates first-hand the advanced cooperation which exists between police services’.

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