Declan Keogh expected to return to Emergency Times sooner than planned

Having taken a 6 month break from the emergency services website and magazine, Emergency, its founder and editor Declan Keogh has indicated his plans to return to the online magazine much sooner than expected.  

Declan took time off away from the website and its social media platforms to allow him concentrate on other project and to undertake Third Level college courses. During his sabbatical, administration rights for Emergency Times were transferred and lent over to another administrator under a mutual understanding.

The main website has been down for the past two weeks now while its social media platforms have also been relatively quiet over the past few months, much to the frustration and annoyance of Keogh, which has led him to a decision to return to the site sooner than he anticipated.

Declan Keogh, at the official opening of Ferbane Fire Station, Co. Offaly in 2018

In a statement to, Declan Keogh said “I wasn’t happy with where the site was going and some of the content that was being published, and although their intentions were good, it goes against the whole ethos of what Emergency Times is and was, and what it stands for. I notice its currently offline which is a beyond frustrating. I need to step back in.”

Declan Keogh conducting interviews at the Emergency Services Show in the UK in 2015.

Asked whether he regrets taking the break or sharing administration rights, Declan said “I don’t regret taking the break because it was needed to allow me to focus on other projects and courses, but in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have given full access to someone else and I certainly should have been much clearer to them in our understanding. My first job and main priority when I return will be to get the website back up and running and to restart the good-news stories, profiles and videos which were very popular and of great interest to those within the emergency, medical, security and voluntary services who make up the entire spectrum of the emergency services.”

Declan is likely to return to Emergency Times in late May.

Emergency Times reporting from a European Commission Civil Protection exercise in Romania.