COVID-19: Get facts and information from reliable sources

Where you get your news from, how much you trust it and how and where you share it, can be detrimental in how you and others deal with the current Coronavirus crisis.

We have all received dozens of messages, images and screenshots from various friends and groups, of posts, voice notes and videos from anonymous sources, who claim to have the ‘inside information’ in what’s happening on a national level in our response to the crisis.

Misleading information, fake news, ‘hear-says’ and spurious voice notes are all attributing to panic, stress and unwarranted action by the general public.

It can be frustrating for all the services working tirelessly across the board, trying to contain further spread, when malicious or misleading people or trolls are adding fuel to the fire of speculation and fake news.

Know your source and only trust the news and information from a reliable, reputable sources.

Get your information from Government websites,,, and any other official sources and follow their pages on social media. Be informed, get the  correct, information, Don’t spread fake news and don’t add to their trolling.


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