Cork Airport emergency exercise

A ‘Boeing 737-800‘ en route from Scotland to Cork Airport developed a technical issue resulting in the aircraft going into a holding pattern North of Cork.

That was the scenario of an emergency services exercise at Cork Airport last night as authorities tested their emergency operations plan.

Air Traffic Control (ATC) were advised by the captain of the aircraft that they believe they may have a significant hydraulic leak associated with the under carriage and are declaring an emergency.

Photo: Cork Airport

Cork Airports emergency plan was initiated which lead to the activation of the Inter Agency Emergency Plan for Cork Airport.

The scenario saw the aircraft suffer an undercarriage collapse on the port side on landing, resulting in an uncontained fire. A full evacuation of the aircraft then commenced by the flight crew.

Photo: Cork Airport

This type of pre-planned emergency exercises are required every two years as part of the airports licensing requirements.[/caption]

Photo: Cork Airport

Among the many agencies attending the exercise with Cork Airports Police, Fire and Rescue Service were the National Ambulance Service, An Garda Síochána, Cork City Fire Brigade, Cork County Fire Service, the Irish Aviation Authority and HSE Ireland.

Photo: Cork Airport

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