65% of PPE of HSE order from China meets specific requirements

There are still some concerns from within the medical profession and in the public domain about the quality and quantity of the orders of PPE.

At a COVID-19 briefing this morning, the HSE’s Chief Executive Paul Reid said ‘65% of PPE which arrived in Ireland last week does meet the specific requirements for use by medical professions and patients.’

The first order received by the HSE is just 10% of the overall order and that deliver is divided into three categories; ‘suitable for use’ (65%), ‘acceptable for healthcare worker use’ 15%, and thirdly, ‘unsuitable for use’ (20%).

The first category includes coveralls, gowns, goggles and face-shields.

HSE CEO Paul Reid at COVID-19 briefing

Mr. Reid outlined that the HSE has significantly enhanced its capacity of beds in public health system

  • 2,500 Beds available in public system
  • 2,500 beds in private hospitals
  • 1,100 beds in City West for isolation
  • 450 overflow Acute Beds being constructed in City West
  • 6,550 Extra beds available
  • 1,200 further beds being made available for isolation
  • Over 7,750 beds up on capacity since the start

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